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Opportunities for Workspace members. All features to host meetings for Workspace members

Workspace opportunities to host meetings.
Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 4 months ago

A Workspace Owner can invite an unlimited number of Workspace members with the roles of Member and Admin to host simultaneous events.

Workspace has 500 GB of disk space available for files. 10 GB is included, use above this storage capacity will be charged according to the Business plan.

There are 1,000 permanent rooms available for Workspace and any Workspace member can create them. The number of instant and scheduled events is unlimited.

Workspace members have full access to Proficonf features for events, namely:

1) Meeting time up to 24 hours.

2) Up to 250 participants per one meeting.

3) Management of participants and roles: moderator, speaker, a viewer.

4) Chat.

5) For each participant temporary file storage: 500MB.

6) Screen share, program window, or browser tab.

7) In-build Whiteboard.

8) Miro collaboration board.

9) Demonstration YouTube video.

10) Demonstration files: video, audio, presentations, pictures, etc.

11) Invitation of participants by link or email.

12) Video recording up to 24 hours.

13) Auto recording for scheduled and permanent meetings.

14) Live streaming and Multistreaming up to 10 simultaneous streams from one meeting room.

15) Display modes: tile grid, active speaker.

16) Setting meeting privacy: private, public.

17) Custom Thank You Page

18) Download the list of participants for the completed event.

19) High-priority customer support.

For a detailed description of the conference room interface and how to host meetings in Proficonf, read this article.

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