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How to invite members to Workspace? Roles and opportunities for Workspace members

Workspace member invitations. How to change roles for Workspace members. How to cancel invitations and delete a Workspace member.
Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 4 months ago

A Workspace Owner can invite an unlimited number of Workspace members to host simultaneous events. The Members section displays a list of all Workspace members.

There are three roles available for members of Workspace

A Member is a participant who was invited by the Workspace owner.

Available opportunities: 1) Create, view, edit, and host their own meetings. 2) Upload, view, delete, download, and demonstrate own files. 3) View other members of the Workspace Account.

An Admin is a participant who was invited by the Workspace Owner.

Available opportunities: 1) All the same, things a Workspace Member can do. 2) Invite new members to Workspace, cancel these invitations. 3) View and delete any files in Workspace. 3) View and delete/update any events that other members have created. 4) Delete Workspace members other than the Owner. 4) Change roles for members other than the Owner. 4) Change Workspace settings, except for email changes. 5) View and change billing information.

The Owner is the participant who created the Workspace. 

Available opportunities: 1) Owns the same full permissions as the Workspace Admin. 2) Can delete all Workspace members, including Admins. 3) Can edit the email address for Workspace.

Members Invitation

To invite any member to Workspace, click the "Invite" button in the upper right corner.

In the invitation form, enter the email address of the member you want to invite.

Select the member's role: Member or Admin.

Click the "Send Invitation" button.

The member you invited to Workspace will be sent an invitation email that looks like this:

To accept the invitation, click the "Join workspace" button.

For more information on how to accept an invitation and complete registration in Workspace, read this article.

Cancellation of invitations for members of the Workspace

After the Workspace members accept invitations, this information will be displayed in the Members section. Members who haven’t accepted invitations to Workspace will be marked in gray with the date of the invitation.

To cancel the invitation, select the member who hasn’t yet accepted the invitation by clicking on the line with members data, in the form that opens, click "Discard Invitation".

How to change a role and delete a Workspace member

The Owner and Admin can change the role or delete a Workspace member. 

To do this, select a member in the Members section by clicking on the line with the data of this member and change the role in the edit form. To save the information, click the "Save" button. To delete a member, click the "Remove Member" button.

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