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Proficonf meetings on Android tablets

Hosting and participating in Proficonf meetings using Android tablets
Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 3 months ago

Proficonf web-based application works on Android OS tablets starting from version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mobile browsers.

This is how the Proficonf landing page would look like on an Android OS tablet. The second screenshot displays the personal account sign-up page.

After you sign up, you'll be redirected to the Meetings page, where you can create an Instant, Scheduled, or Permanent meeting and invite participants. Learn more in the article.

Click on the three-bar button at the top left to go to settings and the Meetings, Files, Billing sections. When you click on the section with the personal profile name in the drop-down menu, you can switch between personal account and Workspace, create a Workspace or sign out of your profile by clicking on the "Sign out" button.

In the lower-left corner, click the "Account Settings" button to go to the settings and change the information of your personal profile.

The next screen displays a view of the meeting room on the tablet.

All features to host meetings are available as in the desktop version, except for Screen sharing.

If you have been invited to participate in a meeting, follow the invitation link, enter your first or first and last name in the lobby that opens, and click "Join". Next, click the "Join the room" button.

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