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Proficonf conferences on iOS Mobile Devices

Hosting and Participating in Proficonf conferences using iOS Mobile Devices
Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 1 year ago

Proficonf web application works on Apple devices with installed iOS, using Safari 12.1 and up browser.
This is how Proficonf landing page would look like on an Apple mobile device.

The second screen demonstrates the Registration page.

The third one showcases the Events Page. 

This next screen shows you the conference room itself and how it is looking at a smartphone, for instance.
To remove the interface buttons and thumbnails of participants from the screen and to only see the main screen, tap once on any area of the screen in a vertical position.

 The next screen lets you take a glimpse at how the chat on a mobile device during the conversation.

Note: If your smartphone does not have a front camera, you won't be able to turn your own video on.

Pay attention: a conference host can organize and run events from Apple mobile devises and can transfer the link. He will not be able to demonstrate any materials, but he can upload files and get access to the storage.

A participants can accept an invite, open link, can open the camera, microphone, and chat.

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