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What are the conditions to start the conference? How to complete the conference?

Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 1 year ago

An instant and permanent conference starts when the host and at least one participant join the room.

A scheduled conference has three conditions to begin: at least one participant joins the room, the host is here and the scheduled time has come. Even if the host and a participant join at a later time, the scheduled conference will start, as soon as they enter the room.
For more information on how to start events, please read the article.

You can close a conference few ways:

The conference host presses the red phone receiver to end the conference, checks the "Stop the meeting after you exit", all the participants leave the room, the conference is over for them.

If the host does not check the "Stop the meeting after you exit", but simply clicks "Exit" instead, then conference host rights are transferred to any of the participants randomly.

The room will close up in five minutes automatically on the condition that everyone leaves the room. Or the person who has been rendered host's rights to can close the conference himself.
For more information on how to complete the events, please read the article.

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