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How do I send the conference link to a participant?

Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 1 year ago

You can pass on the link to the conference to a participant in any way that is of convenience to you:

1. Send it in a short text message.
2. Create a separate email letter, paste the link and send it.
3. Use your favorite instant messenger.

There is another way to go about it.  
If you choose to send out a link to a participant, he or she will get right into the conference room upon pressing it (if the event has public access). If the event has private access, you're bound to ask for access first.
Feel free to click on this icon 

and invite guests to join. 

Enter emails one by one and add them to the list. Select a role for participants: speaker or viewer.
Click the button "Invite" to invite participants.

Or just copy the link and send it to your visitors by any suitable means. 

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