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How can I see only one speaker if there are several participants speaking?

Pin/unpin thumbnails of participants
Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 4 months ago

In “Active Speaker” mode, the video of the active speaker is displayed on the main screen.

The active speaker is the person who is speaking at this time.

Also, up to 5 thumbnails of the video of the most active participants are automatically displayed vertically on the right.
When several participants speak, their videos are displayed on the main screen one by one, depending on their activity.
If you want to see only one participant (including yourself), you can pin it by left-clicking on the participant's thumbnail. The pinned participant's video will still remain on the screen no matter who is actively speaking at the moment. One more click on the participant's thumbnail will unpin him.
During the pinned, a pin symbol will be shown in the thumbnail.

In "Display Modes" you can enable "Tile Grid" mode and up to 20 thumbnails will be displayed in the participants' videos. Read more about "Display Modes".

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