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Meeting Room Interface for a Participant

Things to do and buttons to click when you're a first time visitor
Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 4 months ago

You'll find yourself in the meeting room that should look something like this:

With a small pop-up looking something like this:

Make sure you press “Allow” before anything else. This simple step will allow all of your equipment to function properly during the meeting.

Pay attention to the control buttons on top of the meeting screen.

Participants will have devices off by default, they will have to turn their camera and microphone on as needed by pressing on the corresponding buttons as follows:
exit the conference

You will know those are on if both icons turn green like this:

Host/Moderator Request to Turn Devices on

Hosts and moderators of a Proficonf meeting can request device enabling from their viewers one by one. 

If the host of the meeting requests your camera to be turned on, then you will get a popup window with a request, that will look something like this:

You can click "Confirm" or "Cancel", as you prefer.

If the host of the meeting requests your microphone to be turned on, then you will get a popup window with a request:

You can click "Confirm" or "Cancel", as you prefer.

If your host chooses to block your microphone and camera, you will not get any messages whatsoever, but your camera button, microphone button, or both will go dark:

You'll still be able to observe the meeting, but will not be able to turn either of your devices on.

Other things you will be able to view if you are a Participant in a Proficonf meeting are:
Participant's list


Demonstration section (if it has not been blocked by the host previously)

Support team connect button 

Meeting settings

Audio and Video

Your video camera and microphone are controlled using the menu. 

If the speed of your Internet connection is lacking and you experience inconvenience during communication, you can try to change the quality of the video received from other participants in the settings section.


In this section, you can change first and last names. Press "Save" to confirm.

To change the language of the interface during the meeting itself go to the Settings button, pick "Advanced" and pick the language you prefer. The preference will automatically apply. 
Proficonf provides a language interface at the moment: in English, Russian, Italian, Portuguese Brazil, Spanish.

Exiting Meeting Room

If you want to exit the meeting before the event ends, click the red phone receiver. You will have to confirm your wish to exit on a popup window:

If the host completed the event you will get a "Thank you "screen:

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