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Conference types. Launch conditions

Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 1 year ago

A host can start a few types of conferences: 
Instant conference

The conditions to start each type of conference differ. An instant conference starts when the host and at least one participant join the room.
Scheduled conference

A scheduled conference has three conditions to begin: at least one participant joins the room, the host is here and the scheduled time has come. Even if the host and a participant join at a later time, the scheduled conference will still start.
Permanent conference room

A permanent conference room starts automatically once the host and a participant enter. When both, host and participant, exit the Permanent Room, it restarts and will be ready to use again in seconds.
Instant and scheduled rooms are divided into "Upcoming" and "Completed".  You can find them on your Events Page:

You'll be able to find all the future events in the "Upcoming" section. The ones you have finished will join the "Completed" list.

Click "Permanent" to enter your permanent rooms.

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