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Payment calculation for Business plan. How does the billing period work? Billing history

How do you calculate participants' minutes, recording, live streaming, file storage in the Business plan?
Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 4 months ago

A pay-as-you-go pricing model is available in the Business plan.

The price list is:

Video conferencing:

$0,003 per participant per minute.

Cloud recording:

$0,01 per minute.

Live streaming for one service: 

$0,01 per minute.

File storage:

The first 10 GB of storage is included. 

$0,00167 GB per day for additional storage.

How we calculate video conferencing minutes

We use a very simple formula to calculate minutes, with no hidden fees.

The formula is: each participant (P) is multiplied by the number of minutes in a video conference (T). Then all of each participant's minutes for the conference are calculated.

P * T = participant - minutes

For example, there were three participants in one meeting. Two participants of 10 minutes and one participant of 7 minutes.                             

 1*10 + 1*10 +1*7 = 27 minutes; 27*$0,003 = $0,081

Note: We charge for meetings that have started. In the case when the timer has started counting up. If the host joins the meeting before the start to prepare, the fee will not be charged.

How we calculate recording and live streaming

It's very simple: you multiply one recording or stream (R) by the number of minutes of recording or streaming in the virtual room (M).  

R * M = recording/stream - minutes

If you had multiple recordings or streams, you just sum them up.

For example, in one 60-minute meeting, you did two video recordings, the first recording was 30 minutes, the second recording was 15 minutes.

 1*30 + 1*15 = 45 minutes; 45*$0,01 = $0,45

How we calculate file storage

The first 10 GB of storage is included. Number of GB (G) over 10 GB in the storage multiplied by $0.00167 GB per day (D).

 G * D = number of GB - $0.00167 GB per day

For example, you have 35 GB on your storage. 10 GB is included.

 (35-10) * $0.00167 = $ 0,4175 per 25 GB per day

How does the billing period work?

After you add a payment method and have started meetings in Workspace, the first day of each next month, or when the $250 threshold is reached, will be charged automatically from the card or Sepa Direct Debit account.

If the $250 threshold has been reached before the first day of the next month and the invoice has been paid, the next threshold will double after each successful payment ($500, $750, etc.).

Billing history

On the Billing page, the Overview tab at the bottom displays the Billing History, where you can see the Date, Invoice Number, and Amount. You can also download the invoice by clicking the “View” button and following the instructions.

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