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How do I upgrade to a Business plan? What payment methods are available for the Business plan?

Written by Julia Kistochkina
Updated 2 months ago

If you want to upgrade to the Business plan, go to the "Pricing" section, select the Business, and click the "Get Started” button.

You will be redirected to a personal account sign-up page. Or click the "Sign in" button and sign in if you already have a personal account at Proficonf.

After you sign up or sign in, you need to register a Workspace. To do this, click on the section with the name of your personal account in the upper left corner, and then click on "Add workspace" in the pop-up menu.

In the form for creating a Workspace, fill in the blanks:

1) Workspace name.

2) Email.

3) Select language. Available languages: English, Italian, Portuguese Brazilian, Spanish, Russian.

According to the selected language, invitation emails will be sent to Workspace members and meeting participants.

4) Choose a currency (USD or EUR).

Press the "Save" button.

After that, you will see a form with information that a confirmation link has been sent to your email.

Go to your inbox, open the email and click "Verify Email".

After you confirm your email, you will be redirected to the Billing page to add a payment method. 

Note: For every new Workspace with a business email, we provide $25 to test all Proficonf features, including integrations. Credits will be provided only once per one business domain. After the credits expire, you need to add a payment method to use all features without restriction.

Click the "Add" button and you will be redirected to the payment details section.

Payment methods for the Business plan

There are several payment methods for the Business plan.

1) Payment cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Discover, Interac, Cartes Bancaires, JBC, Union Pay. You can use payment cards of any bank and currency, as well as corporate payment cards.

2) SEPA Direct Debit payments.

For a payment card method, select the Card menu, fill in the Card information, Name on card, Country or region, and click "Save card" to save the information.

Or select the Sepa Direct Debit menu, fill in the IBAN, Name on account, Billing address sections. Press the "Set up direct debit" button to save the information.

After you've added a payment method, you can host meetings or invite Workspace members to host any number of simultaneous events. A detailed description of the Workspace is in this article.

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